Monday, March 31, 2008

Generation Squeeb

hat tip to LEO's General Sense of Outrage:

Go here and read Matt Taibbi's latest Rolling Stone post on the American electorate. His theory: The American voter has been so beaten down by trite, meaningless "scandals" like Obama's Rev. Wright and Clinton's Gerry Ferraro that we haven't realized how fast we're cruising toward a milquetoast middle where there is not a shred of controversy or, importantly, room for actual discourse or contrary thought.

"So instead of talking about the fact that Barack Obama once introduced a bill to give a tax break to a Japanese company whose lawyers donated fifty grand to his Senate campaign, we're freaking out for five minutes about the fact that Obama's pastor thinks America spread AIDS on purpose in Zambia. And instead of talking about the fact that Hillary Clinton took $110,000 from a New York food company she later helped by introducing a bill to remove import duties on tomatoes, we're ranting and raving about Gerry Ferraro's paranoid ramblings about Obama's blackness.

We can't keep our eyes on the ball and really think about the serious endemic problems of our system of government because we're too busy freaking out like a bunch of cartoon characters over silly, meaningless bullshit. And then forgetting about that same bullshit ten minutes later, so that we can freak out all over again about something else later on."

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