Sunday, March 30, 2008

Banned Boondocks episode on BET

For whatever reason Cartoon Network refused to air two episodes of The Boondocks that lambasted BET. Rumors swirled that BET executives were threatening to sue. BET denied it.

So the episodes aired in Canada instead. And thanks to the Internet the episodes can be viewed almost anywhere online. So without further ado.

'The Hunger Strike' part 1

To see part 2, go here.

Criticisms of BET have reached a fever pith among black Americans before. Mainly based on the cancellations of substantive programming for unalloyed buffoonery. These controversial episodes, however, are the most public satire of BET and its founder, hopin' Bob Johnson have received.

Here's the odd connection.

Reggie Hudlin, who directed House Party and Boomerang, worked with The Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder to develop a television pilot for Fox Network in 1999. After the two couldn't sugarcoat The Boondocks enough for network TV to digest, Hudlin left the project. Today, Hudlin is President of Entertainment for BET. Has been since 2005. Pay attention to 'The Hunger Strike', he is heavily satirized.

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