Thursday, January 10, 2008

More Murders Metro

I'm not into the murder news, but after coming off a record homicide rate last year (highest since 1996), which was punctuated by the brazen murder of Donald "Big Don" Boyd, it's important to note that 2008 began with a series of murders. We're not even finished with the second week of January.

Louisville is reaching a tipping point. Over three-fourths of the homicides in 2007 were African-Americans and according to police reports three-fourths were drug related. So much for being a duffle bag boy.

The latest incident was two fatal shootings in less than a day. If we're serious about addressing or reducing violent crime we'd better come up with new strategies. Presently we have airbrushed t-shirts, banning liquor stores and the Ghetto Grim Reaper.

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