Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Can't beat 'em --- lynch 'em!

Yep, it's still America.

Speaking about Tiger Woods' dominance in golf with Nick Faldo, Golf Channel anchor Kelly Tilghman jokingly chimed that young golfers ought to get together and "lynch him in the back alley." (see video)

Tilghman was quickly "Imused", meaning there was brief knee-jerk uproar, shorter national conversation and she'll return six months later as the owner of the Golf Channel. In usual race-neutral fashion the world's greatest golfer (and richest -- $122 million last year!) insulated himself from the incident, quickly accepting Tilgham's apology. My sentiment is that while her comments were outrageous, she was talking about Tiger ("I'm not black, I'm caublasian") not Tupac...

al-Cracka threat level: Yellow.

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Kristen Marie Lawrence said...

lol that was so crazy! You know she couldnt have meant it though I guess I mean that was so stupid like really? I had to stop and replay it twice lol Tiger went too easy but atleast he isnt making it into some exploition opportunity to make fuss and bring his name into the lights Tiger should have the right to be diverse but as hard as he tries he will always be a black man. People are so stupid sometimes. Even if she meant to say it she has to be an idiot to say something like that.