Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy MLK Day from The SOULution

And to help you celebrate here's a few links.

More than just a single speech, King's philosophy was just as prolific in prose. Here's an important essay,Let Justice Roll Down, written for The Nation on March 15th, 1965. But if you're more interested in speeches check out those explaining hisopposition to the Vietnam War.

One of histories greatest ironies is that President Ronald Reagan signed the MLK holiday into law. I bet that burned ol' Ronnie Ray-Gun's briches.

Still, the legacy of King far more important than one man. As writer and activist Grace Lee Boggs highlights in an essay, King's Legacy of Change, there's a battle for freedom currently we'd rather forget.

Beyond that I'd suggest you at the very least take time to pause and reflect on the meaning of giving your individual talent and deeds to liberation. Oh, and if you're one of those who it still bothers to acknowledge Dr. King's contributions to civilization, here's a message from the old school, Public Enemy, "By the time I get to Arizona".

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