Monday, January 21, 2008

ACLU-KY selects new Executive Director

After an extensive three month search the American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky has reportedly named Michael Aldridge, Development Director at Kentuckians for the Commonwealth its new executive director. The decision was made last week, according to a source within ACLU-KY. The two finalists for the position were informed of the decision Saturday.

Aldridge has been the chief fundraising coordinator for KFTC in their London, KY office since 2005. Before working with KFTC, Aldridge was involved with Vote No Amendment Campaign, which was defeated in 2004 when Kentucky voted to ban gay marriage as an amendment to the state constitution. He is also a board member of the Fairness Campaign.

Earlier today in an interview with Aldridge, he would neither confirm nor deny being selected as the new ACLU-KY director. Instead he said a press release would be released in the next coming days on the organizations decision.

Note: Aldridge is salty. Earlier this month in LEO, I wrote a piece on the ACLU-KY raising questions about the organization's health since losing most of its general staff last year. I also found out he and another person were the two finalists. When I questioned Aldridge he asked, "How did you get that information?"

It's called being a reporter.

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