Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Does Eight Belles matter more than Kenneth Chandler?

I'm sorry, I care more about a human than a horse.

From MSNBC via WLKY-32:

"[Louisville] Metro Police are investigating a fatal accident involving an off-duty officer and a man on a bicycle.

The collision happened around 5:15 a.m. Sunday in the 4400 block of Dixie Highway. Police said the 3rd Division officer hit and killed a bicyclist. The coroner said Kenneth Chandler, 56, died of multiple blunt force injuries. Authorities said there were no witnesses to the crash."

I understand why the national media paid more attention to the tragic death of filly Eight Belles. It was an on-track death at the KY Derby. It was a sorrowful ending to an otherwise promising narrative for Derby '08.

However, local coverage of Eight Belles eclipsed the death of Kenneth Chandler, who was killed after being hit by an off-duty LMPD officer.

My tipping point on the matter was when the C-J produced an awkward video montage for the horse that was rightfully ridiculed by Stephen George over at LEO.

From LEO's General Sense of Outrage:

"...the folks over at Sixth and Broadway had to go and cheapen the damn thing by creating a video montage of Eight Belles working out, complete with sentimental piano music, awkward cuts to slow motion and closeups of things like the horse's name tag."
Seriously, does Eight Belles matter more than Kenneth Chandler? This is what David Simon was crucifying with his critique of the media in the 5th season of The Wire.

This is embarrassing

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