Monday, May 12, 2008

ATL's 'Soulja Girl': "Hip-Hop made me do it"

ATL police are looking for 'Soulja Girl', the young Atlantan who has gained viral video infamy for harassing and threatening an elderly woman. Once they find this crazy bee-yatch, I guarantee her defense will be: "Hip-hop made me do it".

After watching this video, I'm disgusted. Every stereotype of the hip-hop generation -- young, brainless, profane, gaudy -- versus the civil rights generation is on display. Worse than her inexcusable behavior are the dozens of people who sat by and did nothing. As Edmund Burke stated: “The only thing needed for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.” Sadly, incidents by these type of social terrorists occur more often than not.


She's been found and arrested (thank you white Jesus!).

"According to Sandra Rose, 'Soulja Girl's' family called into a local Atlanta radio station V-103 to let everyone know that “Soulja Girl” is a good woman but is unfortunately suffering from bipolar disorder and has not been taking her meds."

Break out the violins. She's bipolar, so what!?! Let that be your grandmother she was going off on. By having medication and not taking it she's responsible.


Abdul Sharif said...

This whole situation is just sad. There was obviously something mentally wrong with that girl, and it's just too bad that this has been spread all over the world. That situation could have turned out much worse as well.

Abdul Sharif said...

But ,yeah you're right Phil, there is still no excuse for threatening old woman like that.

Jaison said...

As a pop culture junkie, I've been thoroughly entertained by Soulja Girl/Marta Girl for the last few weeks. Social commentary aside, if you're anything like me you prob laughed a little once the shock wore off the first time you watched it..and then you probably watched it again although you knew exactly what went down.

Yo, so on the Crunk and Disorderly blog, they got a pic of a dude with the new Soulja Girl t shirt! I love it!