Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Wright Answer

Now that the Barack Obama/Jeremiah Wright relationship has become the new version of Malcolm & Martin (well, not exactly) we can look at the HNIC Syndrome of 2008 with new eyes.

From The Root:

"For a while at the National Press Club, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright was going along fine. But there was a point—and you can see it with the sound muted—where he started to answer questions and flew off the rails. I know a lot of Old Black Folks doing that Wright Thing: spouting off in public hoping that someone will hear and acknowledge their righteous outrage. He's that uncle at the church picnic who's telling it ALL. About everyone. Right or wrong. Loudly.

NOTE TO WRIGHT: Wrong picnic.

This is the problem with him and other Civil Rights Era Old School illuminati: they think it's all about them and their close-up, their message, consequences be damned. The Wright Thing of trying to jack the national stage is a recurring motif. Jeremiah Wright's most recent comments reveal that he thinks every lectern is a pulpit, every audience is a church congregation, and every sound-bite is a teaching moment."

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KYJurisDoctor said...

Anne: I just wish the Reverend will go away (preferably on a S-L-O-W boat to China) and that he will take BUBBA Clinton with him!