Monday, April 14, 2008

Follow up to Ali Center brothel by Frankfort's Finest

Give kudos to The 'Ville Voice and Joe Gerth at the C-J. They're sticking with the story about KY Senate President David Williams and other state’s legislators having a big pimpin' Thunder party at the Ali Center last Saturday, which was paid for by lobbyists.

From Gerth's blog The List:

"Williams, on WHAS Radio, said the event on the top floor of the Muhammad Ali Center was meant to provide transparency since members of the Senate were being invited to parties all over town with little or no oversight by the Legislative Ethics Commission.

'You know, all this information will be out there for the public and they'll be able to decide how they feel about it. And if they don't like the activities of their particular legislator, they have the opportunity at the polls to take some action,' he said on WHAS.

The problem is that while lobbyists have to report what they spend on senators at the event, they don't have to report which members of the Senate attended. And neither do the senators.

Since Williams said the event wasn't open to reporters (we offered to forgo food and drink and even avert our eyes when planes passed by and fireworks exploded), we weren't quite sure how voters would know upon whom to take out their anger."

Gerth goes on to say that Williams said he will comply with an open-records request by the C-J (all deliberate speed Davey) to see who RSVP'd the event. Still, we may never know who actually attended. However, cnce the RSVP list it out it'll be nice to see who chickened out once the party became newsworthy.

Today's editorial in the C-J lists the tangible results of Frankfort's failure, which gives this story a slimier context. We're facing a grave economic crisis in the Bluegrass.

From 'Ville Voice:
"For those who did go, let’s hope they have political opposition at the polls, since Williams arrogantly told WHAS Radio last week that if voters don’t like it, they could “have the opportunity at the polls to take some action."
Here. Here.

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