Tuesday, March 4, 2008

pro Castro v. anti Castro in the C-J

hat tip to John's Doemain for bringing this to my attention.

On Sunday the C-J published a lengthy op-ed piece, ''Castro's enduring revolution', by filmmaker, writer and activist Sonja Wallace extolling to virtues of the 1959 Cuban Revolution.

As expected the majority of letters responding to Wallace's editorial are eviscerating. Read them all here.

Both sides get high marks for reciting ideological orthodoxy. However, they wear the same blinders of old. Wallace describes Cuba as utopia. Castro is a teddy bear and every Cuban loves him. If so, I must ask humbly, what exactly were the thousands of Cubans seeking political asylum in the U.S. fleeing from? Plenty of Americans think the U.S. government stinks with corruption. No mass exodus to Canada or Sweden.

Her conservative respondents highlight the political repression. Would they prefer Batista? No seriously, American interference in Cuban affairs goes back to a time when Castro was in diapers. Any leader that sought a gnat of independence for the tiny island 90 miles off Florida probably had to put the screws to dissidents and tell the U.S. government where to stick the sugarcane.

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