Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Majoring in debt

Most of Kentucky's best and brightest are on spring break. When they return to the classroom they may see some of the highest tuition hikes in over a decade. Below is an excerpt from my piece in LEO, 'Long road to nowhere':

The blossoming of spring in the Bluegrass brings with it the seasonal issue of tuition increases at Kentucky colleges and universities. Anticipating the impact of a looming double-digit increase spawned by an economic crisis in the commonwealth, a group of University of Louisville students plan a protest for March 26. The walkout is set to begin at 1:11 p.m. and is being led by a student-run group called the Progressive Action Coalition, which hopes the action, followed by a rally at "The Thinker" statue outside Grawemeyer Hall, will draw at least 500 students, faculty and community supporters...

Sadly, the news coverage of the annual musical chairs among state government, universities and students has become a predictable human wreck. Media outlets find one quote from a student bound for financial expulsion. Behind those single sentences are oceans of stories with hundreds of students working two jobs to pay for living expenses on top of college costs, or amassing lifelong debt that will haunt and taunt them into old age. It should never become easy to hear stories of smart, qualified and committed students getting forced out of college, but flip through enough archives on tuition increases and you'll see that story is customary.

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