Friday, March 7, 2008

Beshear Blows it Again

Behind the political curtain I've heard some pretty nasty references about KY Gov. Steve Beshear's lackluster leadership in the Commonwealth. Today Rick Redding (isn't that a great comic book superhero name?) dropped some well deserved hot coals into his lap.

hat tip to 'Ville Voice:

"Waiting until the legislative session is two-thirds gone to admit the political reality that a cigarette tax is necessary and prudent is the latest in a long line of disappointing acts from Steve Beshear.

Who’s he listening to?

Don’t get us wrong. The cigarette tax is the right thing to do. But Beshear’s reluctance to embrace the idea for 40 days, time when he could have been making the case for it, is shameful. It’s certainly not a sign of that “leadership” he campaigned on.

Beshear, you remember, ran his 2007 campaign on the concept of raising money for the state though expanded gaming. Rather than having a bill ready on the day he came into office, he waited. Then he introduced a flawed bill, all the while giving opposition the time to build momentum and public support. His whining about the state of the budget and the education cuts he plans hasn’t motivated anyone to support casinos."

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