Saturday, February 23, 2008

State of the Black Union 2008

Hat tip to Jack & Jill for providing highlight clips. More to come when I find them.

Tavis Smiley's State of the Black Union should be looked at in two parts. The first is an unrivaled informative platform that showcases the diversity in African-American political thought. Tavis' panels also give us an opportunity to find new voices in black America besides the celebrities with a media pulpit.

The other part of SOBU has debatable value. I call them the "Malcolm X" moments, which is basically when a panelist hijacks the program talking tough.

The first clip may seem like a "Malcolm X" moment but the Rev. Al Sharpton outlined an important subject line in this years Democratic primary. The poliTRICKS of employing super-delegates or Michigan and Florida delegates were eviscerated by Rev. Al.

"Don't change the rules when we start winning." Take that Sheila Jackson-Lee.

My personal favorite moment was Dick Gregory's speech. Sure he's a bit bonkers at times but he did an excellent job of stripping away the myth that "Bill Clinton is the 1st Black President".

Then he took on the stereotypes of black folk being lazy and violent. Take that Bill Cosby. Gregory also provided my new favorite quote of 2008:

"What are you putting in my malt liquor, white boy!!"

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