Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obama 10, Billary 0

Let's repeat, 10 to 0.

Obama - 58.1%
Billary -40.7%

Obama - 75.7%
Clinton - 23.6%

Billary's "last" stand is supposedly in Texas and Ohio on March 4. Highly doubtful given the recent report from Politico that Billary targeted PLEDGED delegates. You read correctly, not the super-delegates but the pledged ones Obama won.

Billary will throw in the towel. And it seems the Democratic Party referees (i.e.DNC chairman Howard Dean, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore) are not going to stop the fight.

Obama needs a K.O. (e.g. a win in Texas).

Until then expect more scrutiny on Obama. He's already the target of three Beltway veterans Billary and McCain. All three are saying he's all talk and no substance. A charge that wasn't helped when Obama supporter, Texas State Sen. Kirk Watson, couldn't name one of Barack's legislative accomplishments on MSNBC. Watch below.

Barack needs to get better surrogates. This type of fumble goes to Billary's strengths, which will be on display at Thursdays debate on CNN.

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LucieLu said...

Why couldn't that jackass even get out something about Obama's work in IL or camapign finance reform? I mean geez. And why can't Chris Matthew put aside his crush on Hilary and go after some of her people like a bulldog too? I swear, when I watched that clip I though he was campaigning for Billary!