Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No booze for you

Check me out in LEO this week. I'm once again covering the back and forth over the wet-dry vote in West Louisville between community leaders and convenient storeowners.

The lawsuit filed on behalf of the storeowners that delayed the vote banning alcohol sales was dismissed last month and as of right now if you visit any of the stores in the four Shawnee neighborhood precincts: No beer sales allowed.

One store even has the chains up across the beer doors like Joe Clark (Morgan Freeman) from Lean on Me --- "You smoke crack don't ya!"

It would have been more rational for dry supporters to argue that alcohol sales plus the density of these poison pushing convenient stores affect property values and public health in the Shawnee area. Instead they tried to link the business of selling alcohol to crime. None can draw a line of succession from buying a Bud Light to a robbery, a rape or a murder. With an 86-percent majority favoring the ban, I guess no one had to.

I'm not sure if baning alcohol sales in four West Louisville precincts will deter crime even in those precincts, in fact I'm sure it won't. I am sure that the more people who find out that alcohol is banned the more wet supporters we'll see.

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