Wednesday, February 6, 2008

More on Kwame Kilpatrick's text message scandal


Dipping to a dismal 25% approval rating, things are only getting worse for the hip-hop mayor.

First, a judge ordered Tuesday the release of secret documents that confirm Mayor Kilpatrick tried to hide the 14000 text messages sent to his mistress, also his former Chief of Staff, in a lawsuit settlement. Second, later that day the City Council discovered they approved the $8.4 million lawsuit payout without being told of the secret settlement pact.

Detroit Free Press columnist, Stephen Henderson's wrote:

"It's becoming clearer, in the ongoing litigation between the Free Press and the city, that the core of the mayor's misbehavior was not the affair with his chief of staff, the investigation he stopped before police could spill the beans about his dalliance, or the lies he told about it on the witness stand. It's about a massive cover-up, and the distinct possibility that Kilpatrick sought to brazenly deceive City Council and the voters when he grabbed $9 million in public money to settle whistle-blower suits filed by city police the plainest terms, what the mayor did was perpetrate a fraud on all of us. Kilpatrick worked us."

No comment, just watch.

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Perry said...

i'm in detroit now - they are tearing this man up. she was fine tho.