Friday, February 15, 2008

More booze for you

Faster than a attorney's briefcase the West End is wet again.

Yesterday Jefferson Circuit Judge Mary Shaw put out a restraining order on the vote that banned alcohol in the Shawnee neighborhood, preventing enforcement of the ban in two of four precincts that were named in attorney Teddy Gordon's appeal.

No word from the ministers.

They're obviously regrouping. The argument about alcohol causing crime was flawed. The method of banning alcohol in one precinct while leaving others wet is being mercilessly unraveled by the same attorney -- Teddy Gordon -- who led the charge to the U.S. Supreme Court that changed the Jefferson County Public Schools' diversity policy.

Councilwoman Cheri Bryant-Hamilton, D-5, put out this statement:

“I am very disappointed and my community is livid about this decision. It lifts the ban and allows the sale of alcohol again. This is the third time the voters of these precincts N104, N105, N107 and N109 in District 5 have been forced to explain their decision to vote to clean up their community.

This has become a frustrating experience for a community that followed the rules and did everything by the book to have a legitimate election. All we asked is that the Judiciary to respect this vote. It is unfortunate that those who are more interested in making money than dealing with crime in our community are misusing the legal system and using ridiculous arguments to stop the voice and the will of the people.

We will keep fighting because the people have spoke.

If the judge believes and follows Mr. Gordon’s arguments, then not just all the wet/dry elections that have been held in Jefferson County but any other valid elections could be overturned on that basis. I think that would upset any election and have far reaching unintended consequences and create turmoil in our electoral system.”

Meanwhile, in the streets:

"I smoke
I drank
I'm suppose to stop but I can't"

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