Monday, February 11, 2008

Kanye's night @ the Grammy's

I usually don't give two nickels about the Grammy's but a few items were worth posting -- and no, not that a crack addict (Amy Winehouse) won best new artist, song and record!

First, Kanye West's somber rendition of "Hey, Mama" with new lyrics:

Last night I saw you in my dreams/
and now I can’t wait to go to sleep/

However, later on during his acceptance speech for best rap album when talking about his late mother, noted scholar Donda West, the orchestra kept playing the "Wrap it up, B" music.

How bogus is that!?! In typical fashion, the always outspoken Kanye shut 'em down, quick.

Also noteworthy, legendary jazz musician Herbie Hancock won album of the year for River: The Joni Letters. That's an overdue victory for jazz considering the last time the genre was honored was 1964's "Getz/Gilberto," by the American saxophonist Stan Getz and Brazilian guitarist Joao Gilberto.


Miss Marmelstein said...

don't hate on amy winehouse since you haven't even listened to her album (which is one of the best albums in the last 5 years, let alone this one).

javacia said...

Drug abuse issues aside, I must agree with miss marmelstein. Amy Winehouse produces fantastic music and I feel she deserved her awards. It's the Grammys not awards for world's best role models.

javacia said...

And yes, that was totally lame that the orchestra tried to shut up Kanye as he was trying to talk about his Mama. Good for Kanye for not backing down.

yuckmouth said...

i dig winehouse's music, but no one dissed her ladies. she is a crack addict. fresh out of rehab. so you'd be cool with her snorting a line of blow on stage? get real.

anyway, shout out to herb, not a jazz fan but i respect its history. and kanye's performanes was tight.

javacia said...

Yes, we all know she is a crack head. And yes that sucks. But the discussion (and the award) was about her music, which is excellent.

Anonymous said...

sorry folks but i totally disagree with your take on kanye...he's a cry-baby - i imagine he was the kid in school who always wanted to be the line-leader or rubbed it in your face when he finally got a better score than you on an assignment. what i saw last night was kanye mubbling on about hip-hop too long then try to interject something about his mother once the music came on (he was actually finally giving "thank you's" when the marching music played).

don't get me wrong i do respect kanye as an artist. i like him better as a producer. but i hate to hear him whine about being the best... if he were, he wouldn't have to whine about it all the time!

cassia said...

re: kanye

didn't mean to sign in anonymous; think i forgot my sign-in name.

for the record its CASSIA.

yuckmouth said...

kanye is an arrogant ass, no doubt. but i feel like more than that he's a dude who wears his feelings on his shoulders. he don't bottle it up like some of these fake hard dudes like 50 or t.i., the same thing that makes him arrogant to you made him say that shit about ya boi mr prezbo on nbc.

i appreciate his work. i think he's not the best rapper, not even close. but he's a force in producing and he keeps it real.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Kanyeezzy told them Grammy Cats (That never respected our craft unless it's on some love & party shit) Shut the music off somebody's speaking to you, notice at the end and begining he states we are home and at the end he said We Run This....... powerfull statement after they tried to say shut up nigger and take ya award.....The Black Race has continually been the most innovative when it comes to music and Kanye & Herbie are proof of our innovative minds.... to the young cats who don't know Herbie Hancock. He is a jazz artists who embraced our music early before yo mtv raps, big ups to H.H.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Kanye speaking up! But it is looking more like he's looking for recognition in an industry where our people are often overlooked! Our most precious treasures may not be on this earth! As far as Amy Whinehouse....most great artist were or are on drugs, alchol sex ect.....
Great Comments!