Sunday, February 3, 2008

Barack Obama f. - Yes We Can

What do you think?


Jimmy said...

Not sure what to think about it... @ first glance it comes off as corny and I want to give it four thumbs down, but on second look I think it's a powerful tool to infuse politics with pop culture, so I will take four of those thumbs and give it an okay hand symbol....?????

My Real Name...Whatever You Want It To Be. For Me, Depends On Which Voice I Hear First In The Morning. said...

Seems like I just watched a long ass political commercial. While Barack's words are certainly compelling, I feel like the song can be easily dismissed. Does that mean that the song does a disservice to Barack's speech? I guess so.

I give it at least one thumb up because it had Esthero in it...she is certainly one of the best unknown singers out, but SHE'S CANADIAN.

yuckmouth said...

they were able to slam this joint with dudes speech. thats amazing. i could barely hear either one though.

i give it thumbs up and i don't even vote. but barack needs to get him some better stars, half them people i was like, who??

Floyd, Mr., Craig said...

I have to agree with you Jimmy. However, it appears to be a little forced... I don't see myself watching this one twice.