Thursday, January 31, 2008

Yarmuth v. Northup II

It's official.
John Yarmuth v. Anne Northup II -- the Thrill in the Ville.

This morning Republican congressional candidate Chris Thieneman dropped out of a potential primary face-off with Anne Northup, paving the way for a rematch of the close 2006 congressional race. He also endorsed her opponent, Rep. John Yarmuth.

Thieneman had recently snitched on the GOP's attempt to bully him out the race, including a name drop of the Godfather of KY, Sen. Mitch McConnell. This caused an uproar in the KY GOP.

Hat tip to Stephen George over at LEO:

"None of the people who have allegedly pressured Thieneman — [L'ville GOP chair Jack] Richardson, McConnell aide Larry Cox, State Sen. Dan Seum (on behalf of Northup) — have said he is lying. Instead, some have said he's misinterpreted what the Republican inner circle has told him, which appears to be this: Get out of Anne's way."
Good point. If he's lying, just say so.

Thieneman spoke with Rick Redding at the 'Ville Voice:

"Thieneman told me that 'someone in Mitch McConnell’s inner circle' told him that the Senator had made it clear who his choice was in the race. He summarized what McConnell expressed to his aide this way:

'There is no way that Chris Thieneman is going to win this primary. Anne Northup is my pawn from now on.'..."

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