Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The SOULution in Velocity

Oh no, that ol' SOULution went commercial! From Public Enemy to Ying Yang Twins. What's next, BET sponsorship? No, but seriously, hat tip to Sis. Javacia Harris over at Velocity. She profiled The SOULution on her blog Monday.

My prose regularly rinses its sharpest zings in a faucet of salty contempt for the peacocks in the party & bullshit crowd (y'know who you are). Therefore many might see our writing styles as worlds apart. I agree.

Still, even if you roll your eyes at Velocity's pop culture exterior, Javacia has consistently written on subjects about entertainment that should ignite substantive and serious conversations in LousyVille, namely her articles for Black Music Month last year on the dying R&B scene and the struggle of female MCs that profiled three L'villeI artists (sorry dear readers, Velocity's archives have no links).

Given the Pluto-sized world of black writers and journalists in the Louisville media universe it would be much easier (and profitable) for her to be another milquetoast gossip columnist
(I won't mention names...yet). So give Javacia's blog a regular visit.

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