Saturday, January 26, 2008

Obama defeats 'Billary' 2-to-1 in S. Carolina

"Y'know you done fucked up, right?"

A few quick thoughts after witnessing Obama's 55% victory.

  1. Billary's Black Backlash: Billary's attempt to turn Barack into the "black candidate" with snide remarks and innuendo and direct lines of attack backfired. Now an entire generation (hip-hop!) of black voters that were never loyal to Democrats in the first place, are sickened with the Clinton & Clinton brand-name (see: The Clintons, Black Folk & America). Billary looks bitter, salty, robotic and paternalistic --- with the Negro Spiritual leadership of old still eating crumbs at the Clinton table (Andrew Young, John Lewis, Charlie Rangel, Sheila Jackson-Lee, etc.) few new black voters will support Billary.

  2. Obama is the Youth Candidate: Barack is an inspiration to black folk, he trounced Billary with 81% of the black vote, however, he also won 52% among white voters age 18-30. He's the youth candidate. He's the candidate bringing an entire generation and formerly cynical citizens into the democratic process. An enormous 75% more voters turned out to vote in this year's SC Dem. primary than in 2004. Basically, Obama won more raw votes than all the votes for all the candidates in the 2004 primary.

  3. On to Florida...and America Samoa?: After losing Billary basically said screw the people of S. Carolina, "...on to Florida." Thing is Florida is not in the Super Tuesday vote for the Democrats. Where in the blue hell is Democratic National Committee chair, Howard Dean? Can anyone stop Billary from making up the rules as they go along? On a funny side note, a press release mentioned the importance of the American Samoa vote, not a state but a territory of the U.S. --- Billary looks desperate.

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