Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kwame Kilpatrick, the anti-Obama

"I did not send a text message to that woman."

Is he black enough for ya?

Detroit's Kwame Kilpatrick has been described as America's hip-hop mayor. Well he's certainly acting like it. From strippers at the mayor's mansion to "leasing" a Lincoln Navigator, he proves you can take the mayor out the hood but you can't...ah, y'know the rest.

Well now Mayor Kilpatrick has broken new ground with the first booty call text message scandal. According to text messages obtained by the Detroit Free Press that were published on Jan. 23, Kilpatrick and his chief of staff, Christine Beatty lied about their affair under oath (a la Bill Clinton) and their involvement in the firing of Deputy Police Chief Gary Brown.

Here's an example of just one of the messages:

Beatty: "And, did you miss me, sexually?"

Kilpatrick: "Hell yeah! You couldn't tell. I want some more. "

There was also evidence that Kilpatrick and Beatty used city funds to arrange romantic getaways. Beatty resigned as chief of staff on Jan. 28 28, 2008 amid allegations that she and the mayor lied under oath about an affair.

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